"It is only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up that we will begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it were the only one we had."
Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hey yall!

Here I am one year later. I am so excited to blog about BABY DETTLOFF!! yes that's right, we are having a baby. To describe this time in our lives as crazy is an understatement. I am beyond excited about the little one, I however will be the first to stand up and say I absolutely HATE being pregnant. This pregnancy has not been the rainbows and butterflies that women talk about. I won't go into the details because that would be a blog post all in itself. Aint no body got time for that. We found out 5 weeks early what our babies gender is, you all still have to wait until 20 weeks. ;) I must say though, I cannot even contain myself I love this little person so much already- I can't wait to be "it's" mom. SERIOUSLY.  I have always been one to appreciate my family and my friends but I truly truly cherish them all the more going through this time. I can barily leave my apartment except to go to work. As lonely as this gets, my family and friends have been AMAZING in loving on me. My two best friends at work keep me sane all day long and for all the moments in between its my mom, my best friend, my sister in laws, and my hubby blowing up my phone or showing up at my apartment.
Not only do I feel so grateful, but I know that besides mommy and daddy, this baby is going to be one loved little kid.
Bryan and I have so many cool things going on in our lives right now! Another understatment would be to simply say that God has been SO good to us. We live completely day by day by faith alone. there are so many things that have popped up in the past few months and through lots of prayers God has fought on our behalf and brought us right up to where we stand today. I have to say with all this Chaos, I am VERY ready for this next chapter. I don't know what this spring is going to look like (let alone the season we are currently in) but I am preparing my heart for anything.
I am so proud of my husband for being so determined in his goals and the way he simply lets God do what he wants to do. A lot of us dig our heals in the ground instead of just excepting what needs to be changed and working towards it. He is such a wonderful man!
All this to say life is so very good, even through all this sickness! I will do my best to post more than once a year buuuuuut if you know me at all, we will just see how that goes! ;)


Wednesday, December 26, 2012


where there is silence, and where there is sound, and all of the moments in between-
that is where you can find me.

I'm bouncing into change like its 1993

He's wearing new cologne and I'm hanging up shelves
were a matching pair him and I
him and I, were a matching pair

Every day is something new, and I'm past the point of ready to find it.
I put on my anthems and I put rubber to road.
starting early on my "resolutions"
change has begun

It would be nice to think that the friends we keep
are the friends that keep us back
for you and for me
people are people are people are WACK

last spring changed my timeline once again
and that season -as do all seasons-
fluttered in like a lion and out like a lamb

I've based my whole new being off of that very altering experience
learned who I am, who I'm willing to be, and who I simply AM NOT

I am NOT your fall out girl
i AM not your friend
I am not your diary
I AM NOT your beginning or your END

I REFUSE to be strings on your fiddle that you play
without naming names


I will never forget
I am already moving on- you just don't know it yet-

He's my best guy friend
She's my best girl friend

I fit snug between the people who love me and my meter beeps every time you walk into the room.
Please don't make me beg for separation
I'm gonna do me, and you need to do you.

Admit the things that you have done have brought change that you cannot unravel.
I saw truth last spring-
when you experience truth, you open your suit case-
take out the nonsense
and fill up with the elements around you.

Twenty thirteen, I embrace you with open arms.

I'm ready for new traditions...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I made it a week

Instagram is back. I folded. Everyone kept saying to me, well didn't you see my picture??? Facebook ignorance doesn't bother me as much. ie- didn't you see my picture? Because chances are whether I am on facebook or not, I won't see the darn picture. There are just WAY to many people on facebook for me. But instagram, naaaaaaah, I'll see the picture! PICTURE PICTURE PICTURE.

Hus and I are snuggling on the couch together right now. This, right here, this is one of my favorite moments with him. I feel like a kid in the morning before getting ready for school. We wager with ourselves getting up early, and the way we get er done? "Ok, lets go lay on the couch and watch tv." It works every time. Just like a kid. Only were not watching cartoons, were watching my beloved Today show. My second favorite moment of the day with my honeeeeey is being exactly right back on this couch snuggling after work. It's a great routine we've invented. It really makes me even more greatful to my parents for giving this couch to me two years ago. I seriously live such a blessed life. I mean, sure, I got in a pickle in the snow yesterday just like everyone else, and I have a billion and one things make me go semi crazy yesterday. HOWEVER, I got to come home to my sweet husband and we got to snuggle on our giant golden brown couch. Oh yeah, and my dad bought us each a shovel so we can be prepared citizens of minnesota from here on out. ;)

Yesterday we had a rep from Alterna come in to give us a class. Alterna is probably my FAVORITE line of products that we carry. It doesnt matter what you are using of theirs, it's gonna make your hair feel AMAZING!!!! So I was giddy going into the class. But seriously, this lade was FANTASTIC. We learned so much about different curling techniques, and organic braiding and and ANNNNDDDD so many other really fancy thannngs. I don't do anything with updo's/upstyles at my salon but I seriously want to grab all of my long haired friends and start curling. SERIOUSLY. I'm so interested to see where my life takes me.
Ahh and on that note, it's time for this lade to get ready for work. Work work WoRk. See ya neeeeevveeerrr.


Monday, December 10, 2012

snow day('s)

over the weekend, we got a TON of snow. My husband and I still carried on with all of our already planned plans, but we chose NOT to make any new ones come Sunday. He watched football all day and I cleaned my backside off. literally, when being trapped inside for hours on end apparently "stuff" gets accomplished. I cleaned out our bedroom, did all of the laundry, cleaned the microwaveable, the kitchen, the living room, cleaned our every bag that was laying around in our room. I tackled all of the small projects sitting on my craft desk, I started teaching my husband a couple light things on his guitar, I made a Delicious chicken dinner  AND we went for a 45 minuet walk in the blizzard. We were sopping wet when we got back home, but seriously, it was a GORGEOUS walk. We than proceeded to finish off the night with a movie and clearly two bowls of popcorn. When I laid my head down last night I CRASHED...HARD. Now today's trick is about to begin. We own no shovel, and we are about to attempt to dig our cars out in a few minuets here. STAY TUNED. ;) Today could be either really fun at work, or REAAAALLLLYYY boring. Fabulous for me though, husband doesn't have to work until noon now so he gets to accompany me to my first round of "early" morning shots! So until later- Enjoy your snow days kiddies, I'm OUUUUTTT

Monday, December 3, 2012

Proud to be creative

Although I don't allow myself the time to get as creative as I once was, I am super pumped that I pushed another creation out from my fingertips tonight. Crafts has been a part of me since I was named Tiffany. I've always enjoyed making and solving my own "how to be cheap and still look cute" dilemmas. Ever since launching my stylist career three years ago, I chose to throw my crafty skills for gems and jewels in the backseat of my metaphoric life and solely focus on being the best stylist I could possibly be. That is still one of my day to day goals obviously, however now that I'm a married women my perspective on what I want in life is changing. Honestly, that might not have anything to do with being married as much as it does with being 25.5. This coming year I want to allow myself creative freedom again. I don't necessarily want to take my gems to market but I would like to make them. My inspiration for the evening came from an old bracelet. Whatever works right?

Also judge all you want, I know the background is a sheet. ;)



Life's to short

Just sitting here drinking my quite customized coffee, watching the today show while my husband sleeps next to me, and reflecting on the past couple days.
I've had such a busy weekend with really no down time. That's ok, this is my life. Oh and BTW, yeah I'm married now. ;) it's been a solid 3 months and I must say it TRULY does get better every day. I love doing life with this man. So back to my first point- I am so excited for this season! There are parties galore with the people that I most adore. I've concluded after a recent string of events that I am done doing things out of pure obligation. Starting now and into 2013 I no longer want to go to random gatherings of people that I already know I don't want to be friends with just to save face. Not cool. I have decided I no longer care if people wonder or don't wonder why I'm not at their "get together." My best friends mantra for 2013 is going to be to love more. Mine is going to be -life's to short-
Life is to short to not live it to the fullest
Life's to short to let another person dictate your happiness.
Life's to short to not give it all you've got.
Life's to short not to dance and sing every chance that comes.
Life's to short to not be reading the word every day.

2013, I'm getting ready for you.

Happy Monday prettys.

Enjoy my husband as a hipster... ;)